La Rendija

Director: Raquel Araujo

La Rendija was created in 1988, in the faculty of philosophy and letters at UNAM (National Independent University of Mexico). With Óscar Urrutia in general production, and Raquel Araújo in artistic direction, performing practices of La Rendija moves from the action-art to the dramatic theater and it centers its work in the development of small communities of creators and viewers, where children, young adults, and adults find an alternative way to enjoy the shows.

Today, with 25 years of experience – and established since 2001 in Mérida, Yucatán – this company has become a node’s link to creators and researchers. They have participated in five editions of the “Encuentro Internacional de Performance” and during three emissions of the “Festival de Teatro La Rendija”. They also performed at “Iberoamericana en Escena”, carried out with the support of the “Mexico en Escena” program, FONCA (Mexican National Fund for the Arts), and IBERESCENA, a Latin American performing arts fund.

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HANJO, LA MUJER DEL ABANICO from La Rendija on Vimeo.