Teatro en Código

Direction Laura Uribe and Marianella Villa.

Teatro en Código is a contemporary performing arts company residing in Mexico, founded in 2007 by Laura Uribe and Marianella Villa, with the aim of consolidating a meeting point for the scenic re-signification, based on new action codes.

The way in which this company is approaching the creation of any piece responds to the vital need to ask themselves, what is it we want it to say? and how do we want to say it? Teatro en Código is interested in the direct link with other artistic disciplines, like dance, music, painting, architecture, multimedia and video art, in order to expand their language to interdisciplinarity, always in pursuit of the need of expression.

The Group has toured and participated in over 20 festivals, national and international; in Europe, they have presented at venues like the Odin Teatret, in Holstebro, Denmark.

In 2011 Teatro en Código won the prize as best work with staging “Discursos de un Fragmento Express” by Laura Uribe, at the Festival Nacional e Internacional de Teatro Universitario, a co-production with INBA. In that same year Laura Uribe was named emerging director of the contemporary art journal, La tempestad, in the edition of Arts in Mexico, the best of 2011, Marianella Villa, meanwhile, received support from Creadores Escénicos del Fonca.

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