Laboratorio de la Máscara

Directora: Alicia Martínez Álvarez

The Laboratorio de la Mascara consists of a group of professionals who combine their talents to create theatrical games. Under the direction of Alicia Martínez Álvarez, the company has consolidated performing and pedagogical proposals, that have earned her the recognition of both national and international peers.

Their constant collaboration with the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) has allowed them to work with other cultural organizations inside and outside the country, through their academic units and artistic programs.

This year Laboratorio de la Mascara, celebrates 20 years of artistic career with innovative proposals, not only by their characteristic tool – the mask – but also by the unconventional use of spaces, dramaturgy and physical acting.

In the spirit of a laboratory concept and the mask as a tool, the company explores and reinvents the creative possibilities of a playful, contemporary and popular theatre, whose poetic links ties with cultural roots and social reality.Their productions have been presented in the theatrical circuits of the Mexican Republic; however, the game and exploration with alternative spaces has generated various adventures in museums, plazas, water fountains, and neighborhoods.

In addition to participating in national and international festivals, Laboratorio de la Mascara has made exchanges and artistic residencies with schools and mexican and foreign artistic companies.

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El Viaje de Tina | Teatro El Galeón | 30″ from Fabián Aguirre on Vimeo.