Teatro Legeste

Director: David Gaitán.

Independent theater company whose lines of creation are based on the use of new performing disciplines, in order to form a fertile and avant-garde theatrical generation. Their productions are created around a thematic premise that later develops certain technical principles determined to priori.

The company has five years of experience and has created the following productions on stage: ReMar; La pura idea excita; Filial en 4; Escurrimiento y anticoagulantes; Rastro; El camino del insecto; Pulpo, and La velocidad del zoom del horizonte.

Legeste theater has been invited consecutively to Día Mundial del Teatro (world theatre day), during all its time being in existence. In 2007, the company received the best Original drama, best actress awards, and the recognition of the public for best work, by presenting “La pura idea excita”.

The Group has been invited to the Muestra Nacional de Teatro with “La pura idea excita” and the Muestra Nacional de Teatro with “Escurrimiento y anticoagulantes”.

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