Teatro Al Vacío

Fundadores y Codirectores: Adrián Hernández y José Agüero

Teatro al Vacío shares the need for creative processes supported by analysis and research; their purpose is to make a theatre that transcends the spectator but also the actor, that is honest and not imposed, to respond to the essential needs of the interpreter, who should be their creator.

The company is committed to a type of body theater that promotes plasticity with minimal aesthetic – in line with contemporary trends- in order to offer new performing alternatives. Committed to their proposals in a sensitive and responsible manner, this group is looking for its viewers of their shows to feel, see, and think in a different way.

With more than six years of experience, Teatro al Vacío has collaborated with different institutions, and has participated in several national and international festivals. The Repertoire of the company consists of the following works: “Jugar” (Play): through a dramaturgy of actions and images, this play reflects on the coexistence, the other, the opposites; “UMBO”: for children from 6 months to 3 years of age, it promotes direct communication with the public; “Malambo Chilango”: Mexican-Argentinian co-production, supported by the Iberescena program, which deals with migration.

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Jugar from digitalis on Vimeo.

UMBO from digitalis on Vimeo.