Teatro Línea de Sombra

Director: Jorge Vargas.

Teatro Línea de Sombra is a non-profit cultural project formed in Monterrey in 1993, and based in Mexico City since 1994.

It is formed by stage creators, pedagogues, researches and actors, working based on the collaboration of musicians, stage designers, visual artists and members of other similar disciplines. Its headquarters work as an investigation center related with creation and pedagogy. The company explores the contemporary theater duties and the audience-approach mechanisms, in dialogue with other stage creation experiences, both in the national and international scene.

Teatro Línea de Sombra is in constant search of alternative forms, positioned in the borders between scenic and visual arts, music, and video, and the possible relations between everything we can call theatrical. In permanent research of the stage creation, transdisciplinary and incorporation processes, as of new play-writing and spectacle creation, and their relations with other fields of knowledge.

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