La Máquina de Teatro

Directors: Juliana Faesler y Clarissa Malheiros.

Mexican company created by Juliana Faesler and Clarissa Malheiros, founded in 1996. Since its creation, the company has generated a space of exchange between different artistic expressions within the dramatic limits, looking to dissolve disciplinary boundaries towards a universe of its own, enriched by the experimentation with different languages.

Máquina de Teatro’s signature is the constant concern to build bridges between the present and the past, between fiction and reality; searching for the relationship between the symptoms of the contemporary world and history, the articulation systems of memory, and performing arts. They have been awarded prizes such as Villanueva’s Best Foreign Play Award; Best Foreign Play 2008, granted by the Critics and Research Association of Performing Artists of Cuba; Best Revealing Director, Best Theater Group, and it nominations for Best Director and Best Stage Design awards by diverse Mexican critics associations.

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