Carretera 45

Director: Antonio Zúñiga.

Carretera 45 Theater holds its force in the signals, languages, motifs and structures of border theater, and its search for new horizons.
Originally formed in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, the company has its headquarters in Mexico City since 1999. Its main interest is the dialogue with small audiences in an intelligent and innovative manner. Carretera 45 aims to create a theater for adults that face them with the violence prevailing in the country, so as to provoke in each individual a critical and sensitive analysis through an enriching and transforming experience.
In november 2012, it opened its own theater in Colonia Obrera, a working-class neighborhood in Mexico City. Since then, several independent companies have performed and diverse artistic workshops and classes have been taught in their venue, contributing with the Company’s contemporary performance awareness and exploration.

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